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Tasty Mouth Watering Results

Everyone can grill like a pro first time, every time.
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Tasty, Clean and Convenient    

Adds moisture

Even the most novice barbecuer can make great tasting food every time using our Cedar Cooking Planks. Our standard planks are 12" x 7-3/8" x 11/16". A thicker plank holds more moisture creating the perfect blend of moisture and savory cedar smoked flavor. The soaked plank acts as a buffer and releases moisture creating a moderated heat source enveloping the food, adding moisture and a succulent cedar flavor while cooking the food more evenly. At the end of the cooking cycle, the wood dries just enough to smolder, adding a subtle cedar smoked flavor as well.

    Thicker plank holds more moisture
    Adds more moisture to food
    More succulent texture
    Subtle cedar taste
    Milled with smooth cooking surface and sides
    Planks are kiln dried, flat and neat
    3 planks/package, better value
    All planks are Western Red Cedar

Tip: Once you have used our Cedar Cooking Planks a few times, you can experiment with how long to soak the planks. The longer the plank is soaked, the more moisture will be released creating a more succulent essence of cedar taste and less cedar smoky flavor. A shorter soaking time will create less moisture, allowing the wood to smolder more creating a more cedar smoky flavor, while still adding moisture to your foods. We still recommend that you soak the plank at least 30 minutes before using and always keep water handy (like in a spray bottle) while using any wood product in your grill. Please note that when you soak your plank for less than the recommended one hour, you my have to check on your food more often as it is cooking.

It is also fun to experiment with soaking your plank in liquids other than water, like wine, beer, apple juice, etc. Visit the TIPS page for more ideas.

Clean and Convenient

The plank is placed directly on the grill so the food does not drip or stick to the grill. When you are finished, you simply throw the plank away, leaving you with a clean grill. Less time for clean up and more time to enjoy the occasion.

A Tasty Culture

There is a culture among people that like to barbecue. They enjoy gourmet food, they like to entertain, they like to impress their friends and they like nothing more then being the first to discover a new grilling sensation.

Cedar Cooking Planks are becoming the new thing in barbecuing circles. People are sharing the experience and great taste with everyone they know.
Package containing 3 Planks
12” x 7-3/8” x 11/16”

Package containing 3 Planks
16” x 7-3/8” x 11/16”

All packages have this label on the back side.

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